Individual Psychotherapy For Children


I offer individual therapy and  social skills groups for children and teens. I also offer parent consultation and parent collateral sessions.

My approach is child-centered, and typically blends aspects of play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to allow children a space for self-expression, while improving their coping skills. Counseling with teenagers blends aspects of talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I meet with parents first to discuss the immediate concerns and your child’s developmental history. I then provide my treatment recommendations and we would develop treatment goals together.


Areas Of Specialization:

  • anxiety and depression

  • giftedness

  • learning differences

  • nonverbal learning disorder

  • ADHD

  • sensory integration disorder

  • LGBTQIA+ and gender wellness

  • self-esteem

  • school-related issues

  • social skill development

  • child development

  • parenting

  • divorce

  • loss


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is indicated when a child or teenager seems unusually anxious or depressed, or shows particularly withdrawn or disruptive behaviors at home and/or at school. I am careful to consider the whole child, paying attention to normative growth and development as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. Typically, therapy goals include helping children and youth to develop better coping skills, and a reduction of symptoms.

Individual sessions consist of weekly, 50 minute meetings with your child, and monthly meetings with parents. With parental consent, I would be in contact with teachers and other providers as needed.

Parent Consultation

Parent consultation may be a separate service, or one that is included in collateral sessions for your child’s therapy. Consultation involves meetings to develop more effective parenting strategies.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are designed for children who are at grade level or above, and who are having difficulty on the playground, or in other unstructured play situations. In these year-long groups, your child will learn essential communication, conflict resolution, and coping skills that will build on their strengths and help them improve their friendships.

The groups consist of weekly 50 minute visits, and run the length of the school year. There is also a ten week summer program for children. I meet with parents at least once a semester for the groups.